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Marcos Witt a diario

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Marcos Witt a diario is the official daily devotional application of Marcos Witt, Christian singer and composer.Available from January 2014 in the stores Google play and Apple store, in both versions IOS and Android, for smartphone and IPad.AT THE TIME OF THE DOWNLOAD IS POSSIBLE TO SELECT:•the paid version includes the subscription for the entire 2014;•your language between the following:
The main purpose of this application is to share with you the Word of God thought a daily devotional which tells stories really happened, in order to grow and enjoy together of life and of the Lord.DEVOTIONAL:-Images weekly depending on the season;-Verse of the day, in offline mode;-Devotional audio of “Marcos Witt” every week in Spanish or in English available in offline mode;-Devotional written by "Betty" in the 4 languages, available in offline mode;-Dedicated space to write their own reflections;-Save the devotionals in a favorite folder;-In the settings is possible to establish the time in which you will receive your daily report, for your daily time of prayer with God;-Clicking on the reference of the daily verse it opens, in online mode the entire chapter of the verse cited.
READING THE WHOLE BIBLE IN A YEAR:-Suggests the chapters to read daily, in offline mode.
We love to make you happy and to improve your days, and for this we thought to introduce daily a nice joke, that will make you laugh, putting you in a good mood, because we think that with joy we can face in the better way every circumstance and situation.
JOKES:-Jokes of “Marcos” written in the 4 languages, in offline mode;-Send your jokes using a dedicated space, in online mode;-Competition “The joke of the week” where every week it will be selected and published on the Social Networks the winning joke.DIARY:-Calendar monthly;-Put notes, appointments and activities, in offline mode.
SHARE:-Instant share of the daily verse on the main social network, in online mode.MUSIC:-12 songs of various Christian artists, selected for you, in offline mode.VIDEO:-Connection to the channel “YouTube”, in online mode.
Marcos Witt a diario your devotional in your smartphone!